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Why you need sales training (we all do) By Joe Tye

During my years of graduate business school, I took a number of courses on marketing, but not one single course on sales. Even had I wanted to take a course on sales, I wouldn’t have been able to, because none were offered. At Stanford, as in much of the rest of our world, marketing is considered a real profession; selling is considered a somewhat less than respectable job.

That’s really too bad, because we are all in sales one way or another, and we’d be a lot more successful in our work and in our lives if we took it a bit more seriously and got better at doing it. Consider this:

If you have ever applied for a job, you were involved in sales. If you didn’t get the job, you didn’t do a good enough job of selling yourself.

If you are a manager, you are constantly involved in selling coworkers on why they should work more productively and take ownership for achieving results.

If you are a caregiver, you have no doubt found it difficult to sell a patient on why they should exercise more and eat less for their own health.

If you have children, you will spend the first sixteen or so years of their lives trying to sell them on a certain set of values and work ethic.

Seeing yourself as a sales professional can help you be more effective in many of the roles you play – as a parent, a manager, a caregiver. It can help you more effectively pursue your own personal and professional goals.

Learning more about the selling process will help you be a better listener, and help you learn to more readily ask for what you need to reach your goals. It will help you face the universal fears of rejection and failure more bravely, because when you’re in sales, that’s just part of the territory.
Joe Tye is president of Paradox 21 Inc., which provides corporate training and culture change initiatives based on a proprietary curriculum of The Twelve Core Action Values of Personal Leadership Effectiveness. He is also the author of several books and audio programs on personal, career, and business success, and a popular motivational speaker. Visit www.JoeTye.com.