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You Have All The Tools You Need To Succeed By David Breslow

Salespeople are always on the lookout for tips that can help them be more successful. There is certainly no shortage of information in the form of articles, books, tapes and classes designed to help you succeed. Over 20 years working with professionals in sports/business/sales I’ve learned that all performance can be broken into 3 distinct and simple components. I call this the “A.S.K.” model and it consists of:

1. A-ttitude
2. S-kill
3. K-nowledge

Success or lack of it can be linked to one or more of these categories. Knowledge can easily be increased if this is what you need. Skill can be developed with time and repetition. Attitude however, covers a more broad performance aspect. I’m talking about your entire “inner game” and that it is the most important tool you have and the one most often underdeveloped. It has more direct influence on your actions and outcomes than anything else and is the power behind success or mediocrity.

The truth is; you already have the tools you need to excel and they go far beyond skill or knowledge. Believe it or not, no matter what your skill or knowledge level the achievement of your dreams will result from how you use these inner tools because they function via a set of very precise and predictable laws and principles that are already influencing you! Your success begins by looking within!

It All Begins From Within

Even with the tremendous amount of information available on success many clients I work with feel they need something “more” to get to the next level. Some feel they need more information, more techniques or more new tips and strategies before they can attain the success they dream of. I’ve discovered that the way to reach your potential more quickly begins with a shift in perspective.

Why do I say this? Because success or achievement in any field occurs when people shift what they think, feel and do. If knowledge and skill were the only tools more people would get what they say they want.

The achievement of your dreams comes from understanding how to use these “inner laws” to get what you want instead of what you don’t want. How many people do you know who have great talent and plenty of knowledge and still under perform? Let’s take a look at the first 2 laws/principles my clients learn:

Performance Law # 1
“The more honest you are; the quicker you get what you want”.

This is a powerful truth because when you acknowledge something is not working it can be improved; if not there is little chance of change. It’s just that simple.

Is what you’re doing getting you what you want?

People get caught up doing variations of things that aren’t really getting them what they want. Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem using the same mind that created the problem in the first place.” Yet, this is what so many of us try to do. We use our “same mind” (our old habits, beliefs, perceptions, etc.) hoping for new outcomes and wonder why we experience the same results.

One of the questions I ask on my performance assessment is, “does your performance match the time, effort or money you put into it?” The answer most commonly given is a resounding “NO”. Many people work hard and don’t feel their results match their efforts. Be truthful with yourself. Many people believe they can “do better”.

Reflect on the following:

How would your performance be affected if you developed your “inner game”?
What are the reasons you tell yourself for not achieving your dreams?
Do the actions you take each day support your vision/dream?
Are you aware there are actual laws and principles that influence your success both positively and negatively…and they influence everyone at all times?

Performance Law # 2
Clarity Creates Consistency

Think about it. When you are very clear what happens? When you are clear your “inner tools” function at a higher level and you perform at the top of your game. Most people don’t think of it this way but clarity causes the mind, body and emotions to operate at peak level because they are “in-synch”.

Reflect on the following:

Do you have a crystal clear vision for yourself?
Are you clear on why you are doing what you’re doing?
Do you have clear daily rituals and routines that create alignment of mind, body and emotion?

You Have The Same Mind As Anyone Else!

What’s the real difference between you and the top people in your profession? I often hear things like, “I’d like to know what he or she did to get where they are!” as if there is some real secret to their success. When you talk to the top people they are the first to say “It’s no secret. I had a vision and I followed it!” They see themselves at the top of their game and believe they belong there.

Everything they do is in line with that. I don’t believe their success is a result of any magical way of doing things. Their success is driven from the inside because everyone has the same ability to use their minds to attract success or mediocrity. Your mind has all the power that anyone else’s mind does. The mind is a “neutral tool” and is ready to be used any way you decide. It all begins within.

Reflect honestly on the following:

Do you truly envision yourself being totally successful? (as you define “success”)
Do you delay your success because you think you need more “information”?
When you think of a great vision, do you notice any resistance? (thought or feeling)?
Are you using your inner tools (your mind, emotions, body and spirit) to get what you want?

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David is a Speaker/Facilitator/Performance Coach and Author of “Wired to Win”. He works with Athletes (PGA/LPGA) and Business (Ameritech, Motorola, etc.) to help people perform at the ‘top of their game” His approach is not “business as usual”. He focuses on “Human Performance Competencies” to create faster shifts in how people think, feel and perform every day. David has appeared on The Golf Channel, ESPN radio and has spoken to all size businesses across the country. Book orders: 888.280.7715. To learn more about presentations or workshops, call: 847.681.1698 or email: david@theflowzone.net or visit the web: www.theflowzone.net