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The "I must do" Close By Tom Hopkins

Many times a potential client is just hesitant to make a decision. They procrastinate. They have other things on their mind. They just don’t focus.

This close is designed to help them focus just long enough to make a decision, then get on to other things. Try these words:

I understand that you’re hesitant to make a decision today about my product, John. You probably have a lot on your mind. I learned a saying once from a speaker that makes a lot of sense when it comes to handling situations like this. We all want to be as productive as possible with our time, don’t we?

The saying goes like this: I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment. Makes sense, doesn’t it? I use it in my own life to help me stay focused on what’s really important.

Let me ask you, John, what’s the most productive thing you could be doing right now?

Listen to the answer. If what they’re most concerned about has nothing to do with the decision to own your product, say: Then, let’s get this decision out of the way so you can get on to more productive things.

If the decision IS the most important thing, say, Good. Then, we’re handling just what you want to do right now, which is to make a decision about this product. With your approval right here, we’ll be in business.
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