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Negotiation Tips and advice

I ran across some good Negotiation Tips from Business Coach and author, Barbara Braham. I’ve included a few of them below — be sure to read the rest of tips here.

Develop External Listening
Most people carry on an inner dialogue with themselves. When you’re trying to communicate with someone else, this inner dialogue becomes a problem because you can’t listen internally and externally at the same time. When you negotiate, turn off your inner voice and only listen externally. You won’t miss important nonverbal messages, facial expressions of voice inflections, when you listen externally.

Know What a Win Is
What is your best case scenario? What is your worst case scenario? The area in between is called your settlement range. If you can reach an agreement within your settlement range, that’s a Win! Don’t drop below your bottom line; you’ll feel bad about yourself and the deal afterwards, and you may not follow-through on your commitments.

Read the entire article here.

— To Your sales success, Josh Hinds 🙂