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Lessons From Sales Mistakes, or learn from your selling bloopers

I just came across some good advice from Jill Konrath in her article, Sales Is Not For the Faint of Heart.

Here’s a brief overview…

Jill recounts a time early in her sales career where she attempted to bypass a lower level employee of a company that she was dealing with on a particular sales decision — by getting an appointment with the CEO of the company. Ultimately as she says the entire thing blows up in her face when she finds herself face to face in the lobby of the company with the person she’d originally been dealing with.

A few other key Selling ideas she shares are:

– Once you’re working with someone it’s never appropriate to go around them without their knowledge.
– Don’t make assumptions about people’s decision-making power simply based on their title.
– Have your current contact bring you to meet their boss or colleague. Go WITH, not around.

There are a ton of other useful ideas besides the few mentioned above, but I’ll let you read it from her directly. It’s well worth the read…

* Sales Is Not For the Faint of Heart by Jill Konrath.

— To your sales success, Josh Hinds 🙂