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Who Am I? Who Is My Customer? By Dominic Rubino

You’ll find that the extremely important skill of tactical communicating will be that much easier if you if know who it is you’re talking to.

Luckily, there’s a simple, yet powerful formula that Myers & Briggs developed, to pinpoint different personalities, and what I’m referring to is the DISC, or D.I.S.C. personality profile.

In its simplest form, the DISC model breaks all of us into 4 different personality types. The word DISC is an Acronym for these different types of people. The 4 Personalities are easily remembered using letters. But remembering how they act and react in real life is easiest by using birds!

The “D” from D.I.S.C. is the Driver. These people are direct, forceful, and results oriented people. These types of people may not be very good at customer service or repetitive tasks. If they were a bird, they would be an eagle.

An Eagle is top of the food chain. They fly alone, and they make quick decisions. As an aggressive animal, the link back to people in business is that these people are most often the ones with the big office – the President or Manager!

You’ve probably run across this personality type with people who want short answers, no fluff. And they let you know that you better get to the point, they have little time to waste. With a “D” you have to make your point quickly and show plenty of benefit to them.

“I” is the Influencer in D.I.S.C. They want to be everybody’s friend. They are everybody’s friend. They tend to be optimistic, energetic and outgoing. They work well as salespeople, but generally not quite as good at collecting your receivables. Sound like anyone you know?

An “I” personality is usually referred to as a Rooster or a Peacock! Bright flashy colors, screaming “Look at me, look at me! As a general rule these people want to be included and recognized. (An excellent point to keep in mind when selling to one) You’ll spot them easily by the trophies, photos, awards and “#1 Dad” coffee mugs in their office!

“S” is Steadiness. These people are patient and relaxed. They are content to hang back in the crowd and look for direction from others. An excellent choice as an administrator or receptionist. I’ve seen them as Owners and Presidents, quite often in the Medical and Technical Fields. It’s a great character trait, but not one that needs to stand out in the crowd. If you have a lot of Office Managers on your accounts list, this is a personality type that will encounter a lot.

If an “S” was a bird, it would be a Dove.

“C” is the Compliance person. They like “the rules”. As a matter of fact, they need them to function well. They tend to be very detail oriented and accurate. Obviously, these people are a great choice where details are important. So if you sell to Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Law Enforcement, you may encounter C’s.

A “C” personality is like an Owl; wise, watchful and analytical. Of course, these are all general terms, and most people aren’t confined to just one category. I, myself have traits that make me both an “I” as well as a “D”, but the DISC model does help you to understand the people that you deal with each day, and help you to communicate with them in a way that makes it easier for both of you.
Dominic Rubino is a sales trainer and business coach whose personal goal is to make every salesperson a sales superhero. You can visit his website at www.ultimatesalesmeetings.com