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Unbreakable Rules of Sales Calls by Art Sobczak

In sales, there are certain things that we must do and avoid as well. Do you have your list of absolutes? The do’s and don’ts that you strictly adhere to? When you do, you’re a better salesperson. Most people don’t.

Here are the most basic ones that serve me pretty well. I suggest you consider them too.

Art’s Unbreakable Rules of Sales Calls

1. Never start a call without a Primary Objective, which is defined as, “What do I want this person to DO at the end of this call?”

2. Always treat screeners with respect. Treat them as you would the buyer.

3. Always have a “value statement” in an opening statement. It must answer “What’s in it for me?” for the listener.

4. Always get them talking as quickly as possible after your opening.

5. Never think about presenting a product, service, or what you can do without questioning first.

6. Don’t agree to a follow-up call unless you get a commitment from them as well.

7. Never wonder later if you should have asked for the sale; If you’re hearing agreement signals, ask.

8. Always listen more than you talk.

9. Never dial the phone until you have planned exactly what you’ll say in your opening, voice mail message, and have prepared your first several questions and your responses to their possible answers.

Have your best week ever!
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