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Getting Your Voicemail Messages Returned — Helpful Sales Tips

There’s an interview with Jill Konrath over at Softwareceo.com where she shares some good advice on “How to leave compelling voice mails” — this is important if you need to reach the key decision makers in big companies. Remember, if you can’t reach the decision maker in the first place, you can’t get the sale.

I’ve included a few of the sales tips she provides in her interview below…

Voice mail tip #1: Don’t leave a standard, self-serving voice mail.

Voice mail tip #2: Make your first sentence short and sweet.

Voice mail tip #3: Keep them listening with your second sentence.

* Read the complete interview with Jill Konrath — where she shares other tips as well as goes more in-depth on each of points above.

— Here’s to your selling success, Josh Hinds 🙂