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BeyondVC: Order takers versus order makers

Ed Sim (a venture capitalist) has an interesting article at http://www.beyondvc.com/2005/10/order_takers_ve.html

Ed’s article gives an interesting viewpoint from the perspective of a venture capitalist. He touches on some of the things he looks for (hint: these are things you may want to keep in mind as you set forth in improving your sales skills) and recommends others look for when hiring or looking to build successful sales teams…

Here’s an interesting point from Ed’s post:

If you are a sales rep at an early stage company with no name, no brand, and an unproven product, you better be hungry, make your calls, schedule your meetings and not take no for an answer. What this boils down for me is the difference between “order takers” and “order makers.”

In one of my portfolio companies we thought we hired the best team with significant industry experience having ramped up a startup to a successful IPO. What happened, in my mind and the CEO’s mind, is that they got fat and happy.

At the peak of their success from the prior company the sales team had performed so well that they transitioned from order making to order taking. Instead of going out and playing the numbers game-doing the dirty work, making the calls, and having the meetings, they expected resellers and customers to come to them.

They expected the fax machine to ring with orders. They went elephant hunting in search of the big win which proved to be elusive or too lengthy an endeavor.

You can read Ed’s entire post on “Order takers versus order makers” here.

— To your sales success, Josh Hinds 🙂