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Beyond The "Just Work Harder" Mentality – Paul Huff

Most of us have been told all of our lives that if we want better results, we just have to work harder. Peak-performing salespeople understand that to get better results, they have to make adjustments, often requiring a change in their beliefs and habits, not just their volume of effort.

Two common mistakes that peak-performing salespeople avoid are:

1. “They don’t think their product or service is more important than they are.”

Sounds crazy, but peak-performing salespeople believe they are more important than their products or service. They develop a unique purpose and identity that makes people want to do business with them, and are always evaluating and reevaluating themselves. Peak-performing salespeople focus on improving themselves, and ask, “What makes me unique?” “Why would someone want to do business with me?” They clearly understand that long-term success in sales develops from building ever-deepening relationships that result from who they are, not what they sell or service.

2. “They don’t define their job as sales.”

Instead of defining their job as “sales,” peak-performing salespeople look at what they do in terms of how their product or service positively impacts the lives of their customers. We all know what it feels like to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and peak-performing salespeople have learned to tap into this innate “good feeling.” It’s not just about making another sale, ringing the cash register or making a commission. Peak-performing salespeople see themselves as a people who enhance the quality of each client’s life.

Pumping up the volume of effort without a change in beliefs often causes burnout, inefficiency and cynicism.. However, when we change our beliefs, our assumptions and our feelings about selling, we create record-breaking results that seem almost… effortless.
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